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ZERVAS SA in collaboration with the largest and most reliable companies, both domestic and international, offers exclusively to its customers high quality products with the most popular brands in their category.


ZERVAS SA follows a series of actions, which are successive procedures for the best and fastest service of the end points.

The Sellers visit the retail points weekly where they inform about the new products and the benefits of the cooperating companies. They focus on the development of each point and are ready to respond to any objections and concerns. They register the order and it goes to the storekeeper.

The Storekeeper collects the orders from the sellers and organizes the staff under his responsibility so that the Picking is done correctly and quickly. Orders are checked and passed to the accounting office.

The Accounting Office collects all the orders, prints the documents per route and organizes the deliveries. At the end, the documents are given to the drivers.

The Drivers in turn undertake to deliver the orders on time, always in a good mood and respecting the requirements of the customers.

Through this process the correct delivery is achieved within 24 hours of the orders in all the service points. This is the process where all the staff of ZERVA SA follows with devotion and faith in the common goal.

Employee in the storage area
Employee in the storage area

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